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What is the feeling of a broken heart?

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Have you ever had your heart broken?  — when you feel a tightness of the chest, stomachache, a loss of appetite, insomnia, anger, etc….

Heart broken has been long thought as a psychological condition.  But scientists found that these pains that you experience are indeed physical pains.  This is dubbed as “Heart Broken Syndrome”.

When you are under great stress, your brain could release “large amounts of catecholamines … into the blood stream, along with their breakdown products and small proteins produced by an excited nervous system.  These chemicals can be temporarily toxic to the heart, effectively stunning the muscle and producing symptoms similar to a typical heart attack, including chest pain, fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath and heart failure.”  — Study from John Hopkins Medicine.

Further more, scientists have come up with a measure for a broken heart.

The good news is that you can recover from the Heart Broken Syndrome within two weeks.

“Better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.” — Maybe not for those who have a weak heart.

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6 Responses to "What is the feeling of a broken heart?"

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Next to Death, losing a loved one, Divorce papers
are next to a Toe Tag.
I Love my Wife and Iam in Love with my Wife.

no comparison on death of a spouse, the ultimate, broken heart, lost mine before 50 yrs old

the things you feel when you have a broken heart is something that we can hardly we can understand ourselfs much less to explain the felling.and i think that there’s no sciense or medicine that can cure that feeling.but it depends on how much you love that person to know how bad will hurt you.and you can not know how long will take you to get it over with.

Emotions run high at first breakup, after 30 days reailty sets in. Hurts more now after 20 years of Love. I hurt of her possible affection for another man.
This will take some time.

My broken heart has been there since birth i never new what love was out side my own .We didn’t say i love you. we use a soft voice that was my love to me.Now the first time i saw her no words where said every time she came to close i would move away,not from her but her smile that first day. my heart would beat fast and slow and the same time and i didn’t want to love her but my heart didn’t have a chance This girl was ready to welcome her love to been seen and heard without a sound just like when she run to me with just a smile on her face and i love you in the air and i could feel it and hear it and that made me fear it, words are my life it can make you or break you but my words will affect you.But she did all this without a sound “POWER OF LOVE” has no words or touch its pure energy every good feeling that your soul can take. And in time if your not careful your words can break, so what is the feeling of a broken heart …………………………. no words have true love just the one you use to shot it to hell ,NOW that just the start of feeling a broken HEART Carlos

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